Tuesday, 20 October 2009

CCTV Image magazine - Issue 36 - Advance features

Advance features list – issue 36 – November 2009
Articles being considered for our next issue – (Subject to change)

· Rooms with a View: case studies of control rooms and CCTV systems around the country
· London Borough of Bexley: This London borough will shortly begin a complete refurbishment of its control room. We will be looking at the plans for the new facility, and how they hope to transform the existing room into a state-of-the-art CCTV and emergency control centre.
· Transport for London: TfL and 13 London Boroughs are actively developing a scheme which enables the sharing of local authority and roadside CCTV cameras. Not only does it save money and reduce duplication of effort, it is also boosting levels of cooperation between various London agencies including TfL, London Boroughs, and the police.
· CCTV User Group conference: Extensive coverage of this keystone event in the CCTV industry diary including:
· Several sessions on operators and factors that affect their performance
· Covert surveillance and counter-surveillance
· Video analytics
· National CCTV strategy
· Securing cash in transit with CCTV
· Several case studies of groundbreaking CCTV systems
· And more excellent reasons to read CCTV Image:
· Prof. Martin Gill – a regular column from the CCTV academic and director of the Perpetuity Group.
· Talking Shop – with some of the leading consultants in CCTV today.

Editorial: 26 October 2009 Advertising: 2 November 2009
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