Thursday, 29 October 2009

CCTV and Surveillance Programme at CTX 2010 ­­­­­­

CCTV & Surveillance – Media Sponsor: Security Media Publishing – Day 1

1350 - 1355 Chairperson Opening, Mr Tom Reeve, Editor, CCTV Image

1355 – 1415 Automatic Number Plate Recognition - Denying Criminals Use of the Roads

· From read to arrest – how ANPR works

· Crime pattern analysis and ANPR

· Applications for ANPR in the commercial sector

· Mr Adrian Cadd, Head of Sales and Marketing, NDI Recognition Systems

1415 – 1435 Benefits of Video Surveillance for Mobile Urban applications

• What is COFDM Technology and why it has benefits for Urban Surveillance

• Comparison of mobile surveillance technologies

• Performance characteristics of Point-to-Point surveillance links

• Performance characteristics of IP Mesh surveillance links

Dr Marcus Penny, Senior Solution Manager, Cobham Surveillance

1435 – 1455 Wireless & Blue Tooth Surveillance – Meeting the Challenge!

· Intelligence Gathering

· Smart Phones, Smart Networks, SMART VILLANS!

· Using WiFi technology to fill in the gaps

· Blue Tooth surveillance can defeat the security of Skype

Mr Jim Pates, Managing Director, Airtrace

1455 – 1515 Protection of critical infrastructure with infrared imaging

· Thermal and non thermal infrared imaging

· Choosing the right wavelength for the situation

· Results of Belcoast : NATO demonstration defence against terrorism

Mr Martin Ghillemyn, Application Manager, Xenics

1515 – 1535 Development in Surveillance Vehicles & Surveillance Equipment

· Conversion of vehicles for covert surveillance purposes ie: Insulation, heating & power source

· Installation of specialist equipment for various operations

· Developments in Surveillance Equipment – cameras, AV transmission, digital recording and accessories

Mr Derek Myers, Project Director, GammaTSE

1535 - 1555 Understanding Video Analytics

· What is it

· How does it work

· What is it good at and what is it not good at?

· What does the future hold?

Mr Geoff Thiel, CEO, VCA Technology

1555 – 1615 Efficient solutions for video surveillance using HiRes Digital IP systems

• The benefits of a true IP System & Analogue vs Digital

• Effective CCTV. It’s all about image quality

• Why HiRes? – Does more pixels mean less cameras?

• Efficient use of camera technology. 360o cameras. The future is now

Mr Mike Lewis, Country Manager – UK & Eire, MOBOTIX

1615 – 1635 21st Century Surveillance’ an overview of technology from a practical technical, commercial and strategic perspective.

· Comparison of traditional security and surveillance technology and techniques against modern alternatives

· Examples of practical converged networks

· Advantages of future technologies and techniques

Mr Matthew Wood, Technical & Sales Director, Tellemachus

1635 – 1655 Why is first rate technology not an industry norm?

· Are body-worn camcorders any good?

· 640X480 or 1920X1080 pixels?

· Is video file size a problem?

· What field-of-view?

· Is a national standard needed?

Mr Lee Tracey, Director, Panoptec

1655 – 1700 Session Summary and Chairperson Close

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