Thursday, 14 January 2010

CCTV scam uncovered in Moscow

Moscow police have learned that a private company that was supposed to be monitoring CCTV cameras and passing video to the police were instead giving them faked video footage.

It is alleged that the scam was designed to cover up the fact that many of the cameras were either not working or had not been installed.

This report from has the details:

The company that monitors the cameras, StroyMontageService, is just one of several private companies that provide this service in Moscow.

According to, Moscow has more than 80,000 security cameras.

According to Axxon, a provider of video management software to the Moscow CCTV system, many of these cameras protect residents in publicly owned housing.

* Hat tip to Ilker Dervish for alerting me to this story.

UPDATE: This is turning into an interesting story. I'll see what else I can dig up and perhaps write it up for the February edition of CCTV Image.

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