Friday, 30 October 2009

CCTV User Group Conference 2009

CCTV User Group 2009 conference from Security Media Publishing

CCTV User Group 2009 conference.
Four Pillars Hotel - Cotswolds

Networking event for end-users and commercial members of the User Group to meet and discuss HOT Topics

Thursday, 29 October 2009

CCTV and Surveillance Programme at CTX 2010 ­­­­­­

CCTV & Surveillance – Media Sponsor: Security Media Publishing – Day 1

1350 - 1355 Chairperson Opening, Mr Tom Reeve, Editor, CCTV Image

1355 – 1415 Automatic Number Plate Recognition - Denying Criminals Use of the Roads

· From read to arrest – how ANPR works

· Crime pattern analysis and ANPR

· Applications for ANPR in the commercial sector

· Mr Adrian Cadd, Head of Sales and Marketing, NDI Recognition Systems

1415 – 1435 Benefits of Video Surveillance for Mobile Urban applications

• What is COFDM Technology and why it has benefits for Urban Surveillance

• Comparison of mobile surveillance technologies

• Performance characteristics of Point-to-Point surveillance links

• Performance characteristics of IP Mesh surveillance links

Dr Marcus Penny, Senior Solution Manager, Cobham Surveillance

1435 – 1455 Wireless & Blue Tooth Surveillance – Meeting the Challenge!

· Intelligence Gathering

· Smart Phones, Smart Networks, SMART VILLANS!

· Using WiFi technology to fill in the gaps

· Blue Tooth surveillance can defeat the security of Skype

Mr Jim Pates, Managing Director, Airtrace

1455 – 1515 Protection of critical infrastructure with infrared imaging

· Thermal and non thermal infrared imaging

· Choosing the right wavelength for the situation

· Results of Belcoast : NATO demonstration defence against terrorism

Mr Martin Ghillemyn, Application Manager, Xenics

1515 – 1535 Development in Surveillance Vehicles & Surveillance Equipment

· Conversion of vehicles for covert surveillance purposes ie: Insulation, heating & power source

· Installation of specialist equipment for various operations

· Developments in Surveillance Equipment – cameras, AV transmission, digital recording and accessories

Mr Derek Myers, Project Director, GammaTSE

1535 - 1555 Understanding Video Analytics

· What is it

· How does it work

· What is it good at and what is it not good at?

· What does the future hold?

Mr Geoff Thiel, CEO, VCA Technology

1555 – 1615 Efficient solutions for video surveillance using HiRes Digital IP systems

• The benefits of a true IP System & Analogue vs Digital

• Effective CCTV. It’s all about image quality

• Why HiRes? – Does more pixels mean less cameras?

• Efficient use of camera technology. 360o cameras. The future is now

Mr Mike Lewis, Country Manager – UK & Eire, MOBOTIX

1615 – 1635 21st Century Surveillance’ an overview of technology from a practical technical, commercial and strategic perspective.

· Comparison of traditional security and surveillance technology and techniques against modern alternatives

· Examples of practical converged networks

· Advantages of future technologies and techniques

Mr Matthew Wood, Technical & Sales Director, Tellemachus

1635 – 1655 Why is first rate technology not an industry norm?

· Are body-worn camcorders any good?

· 640X480 or 1920X1080 pixels?

· Is video file size a problem?

· What field-of-view?

· Is a national standard needed?

Mr Lee Tracey, Director, Panoptec

1655 – 1700 Session Summary and Chairperson Close

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

CCTV Image magazine - Issue 36 - Advance features

Advance features list – issue 36 – November 2009
Articles being considered for our next issue – (Subject to change)

· Rooms with a View: case studies of control rooms and CCTV systems around the country
· London Borough of Bexley: This London borough will shortly begin a complete refurbishment of its control room. We will be looking at the plans for the new facility, and how they hope to transform the existing room into a state-of-the-art CCTV and emergency control centre.
· Transport for London: TfL and 13 London Boroughs are actively developing a scheme which enables the sharing of local authority and roadside CCTV cameras. Not only does it save money and reduce duplication of effort, it is also boosting levels of cooperation between various London agencies including TfL, London Boroughs, and the police.
· CCTV User Group conference: Extensive coverage of this keystone event in the CCTV industry diary including:
· Several sessions on operators and factors that affect their performance
· Covert surveillance and counter-surveillance
· Video analytics
· National CCTV strategy
· Securing cash in transit with CCTV
· Several case studies of groundbreaking CCTV systems
· And more excellent reasons to read CCTV Image:
· Prof. Martin Gill – a regular column from the CCTV academic and director of the Perpetuity Group.
· Talking Shop – with some of the leading consultants in CCTV today.

Editorial: 26 October 2009 Advertising: 2 November 2009
CONTACTS Editor – Tom Reeve
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Fax 020-8255 5007
Sales – Jack Lunn
Tel. 01543-250734
Mob. 07912-479916
Sales – Nick Sutton
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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Milestone Systems' Partners - Open Platform day

Tuesday 6th Oct 09
Milestone Conference at the Aurora hotel - Peterborough

in this picture - i don't think anyone has noticed Courtneys new legs !

On the day there were presentations by :
CEO - Laars Thingaard
Sales Dir. - Laurence De Guzman
UK Mgr. - Glenn Fletcher

A fantastic conference delivering all the values of integration to the security installer.

we shot a video of the event and we will put it up soon for all to see